Overview of Britive APIs
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    Overview of Britive APIs

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    BRITIVE provides REST-based APIs to perform administrative functions. These APIs enable you to programmatically make configurations or changes in Britive, instead of directly accessing the administrative console or the user interface.

    Supported REST APIs

    This API documentation explains the supported REST API methods for Britive. 

    Using the administrative APIs, you can perform specific configuration changes related to:

    • Users and Service Identities
    • Tags
    • Identity Provider 
    • Identity Attributes
    • Application Management
    • Environments
    • Scans
    • User Profile Management
    • Task Scheduler
    • Security Policies
    • SAML Settings
    • API tokens
    • Audit Logs
    • Reports
    • My Access
    • Secrets Manager
    • Policy Administration
    • Approvals
    • Notification Service

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