Current release
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    Current release

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    Article Summary

    This section provides details about releases currently in Early Access (EA) and General Availability (GA).

    EA Release 2023.11.02

    Releases to GA on December 10th, 2023.


    • Slack notification medium is editable to add/update channels.
    • Token expiration notifications can be configured from the Workflows page.

    GA Release 2023.11.01

    Released on November 19th, 2023.

    What's New

    • Support for cloning existing Britive profiles.
    • Support for saving Access builder profiles as drafts.


    • Snowflake connector now supports Login Name for privilege escalation.
    • GCP profile permission constraints now support Apigee environments.
    • Association selection for profiles has been enhanced.
    • Workflow notifications UI has been enhanced and supports multiple notification mediums. For more information, see Workflows.
    • Users will see a flashing browser title on receiving new notifications.


    • An issue with collecting Snowflake roles is fixed.
    • Support for multiple federated IDPs on AWS roles. 
    • Britive integration role for AWS supports AWS resource path.
    • An issue with filtering on the Data>Permissions tab is resolved.
    • An issue with checking in Britive profiles is fixed.
    • An inssue with My Access > Favorites tab displaying incorrect AWS profiles is fixed.

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