Current release
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Current release

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This section provides details about releases currently in Early Access (EA) and General Availability (GA).

EA Release 2023.01.01

Releases to GA on January 29th, 2023.


  • New user creation is enhanced to send a password to the user and additional participants. 
  • A new option is added to exclude the administrator from admin-related communications while creating an Okta profile. For more information, see Onboarding an Okta application in Britive.


  • Okta scans now support filtering.
  • My Access page loading time has been improved.

GA Release 2022.12.02.03

Released on January 17th, 2023.


  • An icon is now shown when permission-level constraints are defined in Profiles.
  • Service identity tokens are no longer deleted when the user who created them is disabled/deleted.
  • A new column Account Type is added to an application's Data -> Accounts tab.
  • Search within profiles is now supported using account IDs for AWS applications.
  • SCIM tokens are now automatically added to the TenantSCIMPolicy on creation.
  • Azure Service principals can now be scanned and managed within Britive.
  • Get User SCIM API now returns group/tag memberships.


  • SCIM endpoints for Roles and Entitlements now return a proper error code.
  • An intermittent failure on the Azure programmatic checkout using CLI has been resolved.
  • An issue with re-adding AWS roles as profile permissions is now resolved.
  • Approval links on notifications now redirect to the approval request page when logging in via SSO.
  • Slack notifications are not sent to the Slack app if the user is already part of an approver channel.
  • An issue with deleting a user who is part of groups/tags, via SCIM API.

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