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Similar to the administrative console, the access to Britive APIs after the initial setup is protected by OAuth 2.0 authorization. To use a Britive API, you must first generate an API token that can be used to execute the API.

URL of the Britive Application

The URL mentioned in the APIs represents the URL of the Britive application. 

For example: 


An example of a {url} can be In this example URL, replace demo with the tenant name provided to you by Britive.


Ensure that a tenant has been onboarded. In case a tenant has not been onboarded, please contact Britive for further assistance.

Generating an API Token

To generate an API token, perform the following steps:

1. Log in to Britive Application as an administrator.

2. Click Admin >Security.

3. In API Tokens, click Create Token. A pop-up window is displayed. Figure 1. Creating an API Token from Britive UI

4. In the pop-up window, enter the name of the API token.

5. Click Create Token.

This generates an API token that can be used in all API calls.


API tokens inherit the same privileges as the user who created the tokens. For security reasons, exercise caution to see which users are creating API tokens to use Britive APIs.

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