Creating Permissions
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    Creating Permissions

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    1. Login to Britive.
    2. Click on Admin->Role & Policy Management->Permissions.
    3. The list of permissions is displayed. The following actions are available for the permissions:
      • Manage permission: You can Edit, Clone, or Delete any permission.
      • Clone permission: Make a copy of the existing permission to fine-tune as per your requirements.
      • Delete permission: Delete the customized permissions. You cannot delete the predefined permissions.
    4. Click on Add Permission to add a new permission.
    5. In the Add Permission tab, enter the following:
      1. Enter the Permission Name.
      2. Enter the Description (Optional).
      3. Select the Consumer.
      4. Enter the list of resources.
      5. Select the required actions.
    6. Click on Save. The created permission is displayed in the list of customized and predefined permissions.

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