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    Article Summary

    This document describes the steps to configure the Snowflake application with Britive application.

    Britive supports Snowflake integration via two apps: 

    • Snowflake Organization: This is used to manage multiple Snowflake accounts under an organization. 
    • Snowflake Standalone: This is used to manage individual Snowflake instances. 

    Britive needs the following to read roles, users, and role assignments from Snowflake application:

    • Account ID 
    • User with privileges 
    • Private and Public keys to connect to Snowflake REST APIs

    Follow these steps for onboarding a Snowflake application:

    1. Configuring Snowflake application
    2. Onboarding a Snowflake Standalone application in Britive OR Onboarding a Snowflake Organization application in Britive

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