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    Article Summary

    GA Release 2023.08.01

    Released on August 27th, 2023.


    • When the Scan External User and Groups option is unchecked, the GCP application will no longer scan external user accounts that are assigned roles in GCP. 
    • Britive root account administrator privileges can no longer be altered by other administrators.
    • Multiple notification mediums are now supported for approvals.

    GA Release 2023.07.02.01

    Released on August 13th, 2023.

    What's New

    • Users can request access to profiles or create their own profiles. For more information, see Access Builder documentation.


    • Administrators can now drill down into permission details of a profile.
    • Users can now view and search profile descriptions on My Access.


    • An issue with SCIM user provisioning having special characters in the first name and last name fields is now fixed.

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