Integrating PingOne for SSO
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Integrating PingOne for SSO

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This guide provides the details about Britive and PingOne SSO integration.

Configuration Steps

Configuring an Identity Provider on Britive

An identity provider needs to be created in Britive for SSO. 

  1. Login to Britive application with administrator privileges.
  2. Click on Admin->Identity Management from the navigation menu.
  3. Click on Identity Providers tab.
  5. Enter Name and Description.
  6. Click on ADD IDENTITY PROVIDER button. A configuration page is displayed.

Configuring SSO on Britive

  1. Click on the Edit icon under SSO Provider in the SSO Configuration tab.
  2. Select Generic from the drop-down list.
  3. Save the changes by clicking the icon next to the selection.
  4. Keep note of the URLs listed here, they are required to complete the SSO configuration on the identity provider portal.

Configuring PingOne for SSO

It is highly recommended to use Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for the Britive application. For more information, see Getting started with PingOne MFA.

Follow the steps below for configuring SAML between PingOne and Britive app:

  1. Login to PingOne Admin portal with permission to create SAML applications.
  2. Click on APPLICATIONS.
  3. Click on the Add application button.
  4. Select Search Application Catalog and search for Britive.
  5. Click Britive.
  6. Click Setup.
  7. Click on Continue for next step.
  8. Copy the following details from the Connection Configuration page:
    1. Copy the Assertion Consumer (ACS) URL value from Britive into the ACS URL field in PingOne.
    2. Copy the Entity ID value into the Entity ID field.
    3. Copy the Single Logout URL to Single Logout Endpoint field. (This step is optional and will logout the user from the PingOne portal when they click logout on Britive app).
    4. Scroll down and under PingOne dock URL, select Use Custom URL.
    5. Copy the Initiate SSO URL value into the Custom URL field.
  9. Click Continue to Next Step.
  10. Click on Add new attribute.
  11.  Enter “email” in Application Attribute and select Email from Identity Bridge Attribute or Literal Value.
  12. Click on Continue to Next Step.
  13. Click on Continue to Next Step.
  14. Assign the Groups that need access to Britive application.
  15. Click on Continue to Next Step.
  16. Download the SAML Metadata.
  17. Click Finish.

Configuring SSO metadata on on Britive

To complete the SSO configuration, the SAML metadata from the identity provider needs to be imported into the Britive application. 

Follow the steps below to complete the SSO configuration:

  1. Login to Britive application with administrator privileges.
  2. Click on Admin-> Identity Management.
  3. Click on the Identity Providers tab.
  4. Click on the required identity provider.
  5. Click on UPLOAD SAML METADATA. Browse to the identity provider SAML metadata that was downloaded while configuring the identity provider.
  6. Upon successful upload, the SAML settings are displayed.

Known Issues/Troubleshooting

Reach out to our team at if you encounter any issue.

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