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    GA Release 2022.06.02.02

    Released on July 10th, 2022.


    • Diagnostics tile has been renamed as Audit Log on the Admin landing page.
    • Users can now copy field values from a secret.
    • URLs in a secret are now clickable.
    • New APIs are added which allow the addition or removal of individual scopes to associations. 


    • Requests to approve profile access were occasionally not working .
    • Private channels were not available when Slack was selected as a notification medium.
    • Scans for Oracle were occasionally failing.
    • MFA timeout was extended to help prevent login failures.

    GA Release 2022.06.01

    Released on June 26th, 2022.


    • Group membership display was incorrect on Application access report and Data view.
    • Policy creation using Terraform was failing for certain tag names.

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