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    The Workflows page displays the notifications and scheduled tasks. Administrators can create notifications for any events occurring in any or all the applications in Britive. The events may include any scan-related changes in the users/accounts/permissions/applications/groups and also access builder related events such as requests approval etc...

    This page also displays all the scheduled tasks for all applications under the Scheduled Tasks tab. It displays the type of task, execution details, and execution status. Clicking on each task displays more details about it.

    Creating a notification

    1. Login to Britive with administrator privileges.
    2. Click Admin -> Workflows.
    3. Click the Notifications tab.
    4. Click the CREATE NOTIFICATION button.
    5. Add the name and description of the notification.
    6. Edit the notification for the following:
      1. Click Add Events to add an event you want to create a notification for. You can add multiple events combined by condition OR.
        Depending on the selected event, some inputs like Notification Mediums or Members may change. For example, for profile expiration events, notifications are sent to only users who checked out the profile and they are sent only over email/web notifications.
      2. Check Send notifications if there are no changes in a scan to send summary notifications if there are no changes to accounts/permissions/groups after scanning.
      3. Select All Applications or click Add Application to create notifications for a particular application(s). You can add multiple applications combined by condition OR.
      4. Click Add Notification to add notification mediums. Select the notification medium from the drop-down list. The notification mediums are created in Systems Administration->Global Settings->Notification Mediums. For more information, see Creating and Managing Notification Mediums. You can add multiple notification mediums.
        1. For Slack, enter a comma-separated list of channels.
      5. Click Add Users/Add Tags under the Members section for sending notifications. 
        1. You can select multiple users or tags from the list of users or tags.
      6. Make sure to add/edit all the fields otherwise it may result in no notifications sent.
      7. Click SAVE.

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