Creating and Managing Notification Mediums
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    Creating and Managing Notification Mediums

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    A notification medium is used to send notifications when secrets need to be rotated or to send approval requests. While email is the default notification medium, you can choose to use Slack or Teams for sending notifications as well.

    Notifications are sent only to active users. But if an inactive user is part of a Slack or Teams channel, the user still receives the notifications as Britive sends notifications to the entire channel. You need to remove the inactive members from the Slack or Teams channels manually.

    Adding a Notification Medium

    1. Login to Britive.
    2. Click on Admin->Global Settings->Notification Mediums.
    3. Click the Add Medium button to create a new notification medium.
    4. Enter the following on the Add Medium page:
      1. Enter Name.
      2. Enter Description (Optional).
      3. Select the Application from the drop-down list:

    Setting up Slack Notification Medium

    Note: Make sure that your Slack ID is the same as your email address.

    1. Login to Britive official Slack account.
    2. Create an app to send notifications, if it has not been created already:
      1. Create a new app using Slack API.
      2. Enter the App Name and select a Workspace
      3. Click on Create App. It shows the Basic Information page.
    3. Select the app created to send notifications. 
    4. Select the OAuth & Permissions section from the Features navigation menu and scroll down to Scopes.
    5. Click Add an OAuth Scope to add the following scopes one by one: channels:history, channels:join, channels:manage, channels:read, chat:write, users:read,, groups:read, groups:write and groups:history.
    6. Click on Install to Workspace if the app is created just now, else click on Reinstall to Workspace
    7. Click Allow to apply the settings and give access to an app.
    8. Copy the Bot User OAuth Token, you need to enter this token on the notification medium page.

    Note: Make sure the app is added to a private channel.

    Managing Notification Mediums

    You can manage each notification medium by editing/cloning/deleting it.

    1. Login to Britive.
    2. Click on Admin->Global Settings->Notification Mediums.
    3. A list of all notification mediums is displayed. You can Manage, Clone, or Delete a particular notification medium.
    4. Select the notification medium and select any of the following actions:
      a. Manage: You can Edit/Clone/Delete a notification medium.
      b. Clone: You can clone a notification medium and refine the required fields as per your requirements. You cannot edit or clone the Application selected while creating a notification medium.
      c. Delete: You can delete a notification medium.

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