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    This section describes the AWS terminology specific to onboarding an AWS application in Britive. This includes types of AWS accounts (management and master accounts), AWS organizations, and AWS applications.

    1. Types of AWS Accounts

    In an AWS Organization, there can be a management account (also called the master account in Britive) and other member accounts that are linked to the management account.

    1.1 Management Account or Master Account

    In an AWS Organization, the management account is considered as the main account paying all the charges that are accrued by the linked member accounts.

    The management account can be used to configure the hierarchy of the organization by grouping accounts from different units and applying relevant policies. Also, you cannot move or delete the management account of your AWS Organization.

    Master account or management account is not applicable in the case of AWS Standalone applications.

    1.2 Member Account or Linked Account

    AWS accounts that belong to an organization and are linked to the management account are called member accounts (or linked accounts). Member accounts are dependent on the management account to manage billing reports and payments. But member accounts have visibility to the spend at the account-level.

    You can onboard both management and member accounts into Britive. However, you need to select the type of account while onboarding and also configure the Identity Provider and IAM role for each AWS account. 

    Ensure that the management account is first onboarded. This helps you to select it from the dropdown list of management accounts. This also allows fetching the cost data for the member accounts.

    2. AWS Organization

    An AWS organization consists of a management account and member accounts that are linked to the management account. 

    3. AWS Applications or AWS Standalone Applications

    While onboarding AWS applications to Britive, you can choose to onboard AWS applications or AWS standalone applications according to your requirements.

    • An AWS application is selected when your AWS organization has both the management AWS account as well as member AWS accounts.

    For more information, see Onboarding an AWS Application in Britive.

    • An AWS standalone application is chosen when your AWS organization does not have a management AWS account and has only member AWS accounts.

    For more information, see Onboarding an AWS Standalone Application.

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