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    All Britive profiles created for an application can be checked out when a user needs access to the onboarded application.

    1. Login to Britive.
    2. Click on My Access from the navigation menu to view the profiles. 
    3. Search on certain profile properties like profile name, environment, application, etc. by clicking the Filter icon next to the column name. The following details of each profile are shown here:
      • Profile Name
      • Association: This column displays the environment/scope associated with the profile.
      • Application
      • Application Type
      • Last used: The displayed date format depends on the browser language set by the user.
      • Access: Console or Programmatic. If the profile is checked out, this column also shows the time remaining for a checked-out profile.
        • Console Access: There are two ways to access the console URL:
          • Click on the Console Access button to directly access the URL.
          • Hover over the Console Access button and copy that URL by clicking Copy Console URL.  
        • Programmatic Access: Click the Programmatic Access button to view the commands and other related parameters.
      • Status: The latest approval status is shown here.  
        • Checked Out: The profile is checked out.
        • Approval Required: Approval is required to check out a profile. 
        • Pending Approval: The approval request is pending.
        • Available: The user can check out a profile. [Note: In case of a profile that requires approval, the remaining approval validity duration is also displayed in this column]
      • Action: Check out, Check in, or Request (for profiles requiring approvals).
      • Click on the Settings icon, next to the Search window to configure and customize the columns of this list. Toggle the columns to hide or display in the list on the Columns Configuration page.
    4. If the required profile needs an approval:
      1. Click on the Request button.
      2. Enter justification and click Send Request. The user is notified when the approver approves the request via the specified notification medium defined in the policy. The request can be tracked under the My Requests page.
    5. Click on the Check Out button to check out the profile.
      1. If the profile policy is configured for MFA verification, enter the OTP from the Authenticator app and click on Proceed to Checkout. If the user has not registered a verification device, see User Settings for registering a device.
      2. The status changes to Check Out Submitted and then to Checked Out. It also displays the validity of this check-out.
    6. Click on the Check In button to manually check in the checked-out profile otherwise, the profile is automatically checked in after the expiration time specified in the profile.

    All the listed profiles can be filtered as follows:

    • Favorite: All profiles marked as Favorite are filtered and listed here. The user can add a particular profile to a favorite collection by clicking Mark as favorite icon next to the profile name.
    • Frequently Used: All frequently used profiles are listed here.
    • Checked Out: All checked out profiles are listed here. The user can manually check-in the profile by clicking the Check in button or the checked-out profile is automatically checked in after the expiration timeout.

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