Command Line Features
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    Command Line Features

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    Britive CLI has the following command line features:

    Command Line FeatureBritive CLI Command
    Verification of Britive CLI installation britive
    Britive help commands
    britive | britive -h | britive --help | britive help
    Configuration of tenant domain URL and default configuration modebritive configure
    Login to Britive CLIbritive login
    Display of the current userbritive user
    List profiles, applications, environmentsbritive ls
    List profiles
    britive listprofiles
    List applicationsbritive listapplications
    List environmentsbritive listenvs
    Checkout of profilesbritive checkout
    Checkin of profilesbritive checkin
    List secretsbritive listsecrets
    View secret
    britive viewsecret
    Logout from the Britive CLI britive logout

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