britive listsecrets
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britive listsecrets

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This command lists all the secrets recursively under the given path. Entries assigned to this user via a policy are listed.


$ britive listsecrets [PATH]

where [PATH] is an optional argument, provided to get a list of secrets under this [PATH] node.

Use the command britive listsecrest --help to know more about the arguments and options available for this command.

Command Options

OptionExtended OptionsDescription
-f--formatSpecify the -f option or --format option for the display of output. You can enter any of the following values:
  • Table - Displays the output in tabular format.
  • JSON - Displays the output in JSON format. 
  • CSV - Displays the output in CSV format. 
By default, if -f or --format is not specified by the user, then the output is displayed in the tabular format (Table option).
-l--limitThe maximum limit is 1000. This option is considered only for JSON/CSV output format.
-s--searchThis option is to filter the secret list by searching for a secret name.
-t--tokenThis option is used in token-based authentication. Specify the token value in this option.
For more information about the usage of this option, see Examples: Usage of Service Identities in Britive CLI.

--authSpecify this option before the -t or --token option. This option specifies that the token authentication method is used while running the britive l command.


The default tabular format output of britive listsecrets command is displayed.

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